Eden To Eden (tree of life2)

The books and articles located on this site are all dedicated to a study of the church that Jesus built. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve enjoyed a close relationship with God as they walked with him in the garden. However, when they disobeyed God, that close relationship with God was broken, and they were cast from their garden. Man then needed a Savior in order to once again restore that close relationship with God. Jesus was the answer, and through his blood, we can once again walk and talk with God in a spiritual garden… the church that Jesus built for us.     Everything on this site is free to read or download. 

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  1. Am glad and appreciative for your love and zeal to make materials for my spiritual growth and edification of the church.
    To God be the Glory.

  2. Thanks to God ,this is a wonderful book ,have been a Christian for 40 years but have never come across this teachings

  3. wonderful work done your explanation is very simple and straight to the point ,God bless you .appreciated .

  4. I bought a copy of “Revelations…” when I finished my studies on church ministry at Southern California School of Evangelism in 2001. Later, I learned that you have another book, “Eden to Eden” but this time I’m back in the Philippines. Lately, I saw in your website that E to E could be read in PDF format but when I tried printing it I succeeded. Should there be any obligation on my part, I’ll request my in-laws living in the U.S. to pay for it. Please tell me how much, give me your account number and I’ll ask my folks to pay for me. Thank you so much and I’m really greatly blessed by your book. I’ve been asked recently to lead a bible study on the book of revelation and now I’m using your book. Looking forward also that someday our paths would cross, Lord willing.

  5. Ah!
    I can see this 📖 must be very fantastic and fabulous.
    Though I’ve not red it.
    But just through a glance on it, I gat to do no any other thing than to make a TIME TABLE amendment for its studyyyyy.
    Ruck on bro.

  6. Greetings brothers and admins in the precious name of Christ Jesus.
    I studied one of your articles” How Revelation Written ” . Much impressed after reading the content and the picture . I would like to read more the word of God with you.
    This is KM Ratna Kumar minister at Totamula Church of Christ in South India.

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