Seven Short Introductory Lessons on Revelation

These lessons are designed to show how we can interpret Revelation by using Old Testament types and patterns. People, places and events in the OT were physical patterns of spiritual things to come in the Christian age. By using these OT patterns, it becomes possible to determine the meanings of the visions in Revelation. The following lessons will develop some of those patterns and show how they can be used to explain a few of the most often discussed passages in Revelation.

Lesson 1. Parallel Comparison of Israel and the Church

Lesson 2. Holy City – The Bride of Christ

Lesson 3. Pattern Used to Interpret Revelation

Lesson 4. Mount Sinai / Mount Zion (144,000)

Lesson. 5 The Great Tribulation

Lesson 6. Armageddon – Mountain of Sorrows

Lesson 7. The 1000 Year Reign