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Introduction To Revelation

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Thank you for visiting this page. Since you are here, you obviously have some interest in studying Revelation. I wish I could say something that would encourage you to take a look at “Revelation for Christians Today,” but I do understand that even within the church there are many different ideas about how the book should be interpreted. So, why should this interpretation be anything different? I would like for you to know that many people around the world have used this interpretation to study Revelation. It has been used as the basis for one TV program that consisted of about 35 half-hour shows (see It has also been used on radio programs, as well as in several mission points and many churches around the world. So, many people have studied and used this interpretation of Revelation. If you are trying to decide on a study of Revelation, please consider the following questions,

1. Do you feel like you really understand Revelation?

2. Do you believe Revelation can be understood?

3. Are you certain that the interpretation you presently hold is correct?

4. Is it an interpretation that you can remember and easily explain to others?

5. Is the interpretation you hold derived almost totally from Scripture or does it rely heavily on historical accounts of the destruction of Jerusalem or Rome?

6. Is it simple?

Revelation for Christians Today is an interpretation of Revelation that is based totally on Scripture. Actually, the only book needed to interpret Revelation is the Bible. There are some places where a little knowledge of history is helpful, but it is a general knowledge, not a detailed study of the times of the destruction of Jerusalem or Rome. This interpretation can easily be remembered because it is based on the Bible, not history. That makes it simple to understand, which may be the comment that I most often receive about the interpretation. The reason it is simple is because it is based on things we know and understand about the Bible. I will make one statement, and you can determine for yourself if it is correct, or not. Revelation cannot be understood by anyone who refuses to believe the fundamentals of salvation as we believe and teach in the church. That one fact does away with much of the material that has been used for years in the church to teach Revelation. I hope you will take a look at Revelation for Christians Today. 

There is one overwhelming reason why we do not understand the book of Revelation, and it is not a difficult concept to understand; however, it can be very difficult to accept because it has not been taught this way. Some readily accept the concept, while others may never accept it. For many years as I have traveled from place to place teaching Revelation and attempting to get people to look at this interpretation, I have encountered 2 main reactions to this concept from members of the church who have studied the Bible for years. Some say something like, “I have always thought this was true, but never really understood how it worked.” Others react something like this, “That can’t possibly be right.” I have watched many people over the years move from, “That can’t possibly be right” to “Why have we never understood this before?” Understanding this concept and how it works will change absolutely nothing about what we believe and teach about the truth in the church. In fact, it is built upon those truths. The only thing that will change is how we look at Revelation.

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