Introduction Graphics

Parallel Comparison Israel & Church 2012

This graphic illustrates the parallels between the physical events in the Old Testament and the spiritual events of the New Testament. The importance of this graphic cannot be overstated since it can be used in many places in Revelation to determine the meanings  of the visions. Different visions will deal with different sections of this parallel drawing. This enables us to learn how many of the visions are connected. This graphic does not illustrate all of the parallels, but it does show the basic ones and others will become obvious as Revelation is studied.



You might wonder why we would include this graphic in the introduction graphics page. The reason is that this graphic is extremely important throughout the book of Revelation. This is a drawing of the church taken from Rev. chapters 21 and 22. We often suggest that people study the last 2 chapters of the book before beginning a verse by verse study in chapter 1. It will soon become evident that Revelation is all about the church and, hopefully, this graphic will help with this understanding.


Timeline Church in Wilderness

Once we have an understanding of the first 2 graphics, we can then put them together and develop a graphic that can be used throughout Revelation. This drawing places the church in the proper time period between Christ’s death on the cross and his second coming. The church is our spiritual dwelling place on earth today. This graphic will be used throughout Revelation in order to understand the visions.


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