Chapter 2

Timeline of Church (Overcome) 2_7

The above drawing can be used to explain Rev. 2:7. Before Christ died on the cross, all people were in the bondage of sin. Jesus gave his blood in order that we might have our sins forgive and enter into the church. The church is the “paradise of God” on this earth and the “tree of life” is located in it. When we are  baptized, we contact the blood of Christ and enter the church. We then live in the spiritual paradise of God on this earth and eat of the tree of life. If we continue to eat of this tree, we will live spiritually forever with God in our eternal abode of heaven. This shows us that we “overcome” this world of sin by our obedience to the gospel. This is the definition of “overcoming” in 1John 5:3-5.


Timeline of Church (Overcome) 2_11

This graphic can be used to illustrate Rev. 2:11. By following the pattern that God gave us, we can avoid the second death or hell,. Everyone in the world makes a choice between following the Lord or living a life of sin. This graphic illustrates the outcome of the two paths that people can follow in this life.

Timeline of Church (Overcome) 2_17

This graphic can be used to illustrate Rev. 2:17. The children of Israel ate physical manna as they traveled through the wilderness. Today, Christians eat of the spiritual manna which is the word of God as we travel through the spiritual wilderness of sin.


Timeline of Church (Overcome) 2_26

Use this drawing with Rev 2:26-28. As Christians we must keep the works of the Lord throughout our lives. If we are obedient to Christ, we have the gospel which is the power of God unto salvation. We must use that power to convert all nations. We have also received the morning star, who is Jesus Christ our Lord.


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